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Our New Friend, He, The Light of The World

One to lend a listening ear, or take your hand and calm
your fears
One to lift your spirits, when things get you down
The one who befriends you, when you feel weary and 
The one who sees your tender tears, and knows the 
heartaches that you feel
The one who will lighten your darkest days
The one who gives hope, when dreams seem so gray
The one who will walk a path with you, to guide and 
watch over, whatever road you may choose
The one who helps carry the cross's you bear
The one who gives strength ,when your frighten
and scared
The one who gives love ,no conditions to meet
The one who gives life ,so precious indeed
The one who is the Prince of Peace, your new found 
friend, so sacred is he.

©Marty Ford


Our Lives

Our lives are a journey, not a destination,
In all of our lives there are unexpected turns, and many highs and lows.

Everything that happens 
touches our hearts and our souls
and shapes us into who we will become.
Sometimes these things are not pleasant.
They may even hurt as we think about them or as we try to live through them.

But that is okay,
I will survive and I will be proud of the person I am becoming.

And I know over the next horizon awaits an unexpected treasure for me to unwrap.....


© 2002 Cheri Lee Funk



My Quiet Place

As I sit here in silence
With no words I have spoken
In this place where I feel whole
And nothing is torn or broken.

And when I sit in silent
There is peace for my mind
And in this peace is room for only
The ones I love , in here I can find.

In my words thatsI speak so soft
And yet so very clear
And only when I am willing
For others to listen, then they hear.

Its my place where my fantasy
And my realities can meet
And all the pain from my past
Will not try to compete.

My place where I can go
To feel peaceful and free
Yes, my place where finally
I can be the real me.

This is my quiet place
With no troubles or violence
This place where I always go
With my memories, in silence. 



David's Vows

Today I take you as my wife
My best friend for all my life
I promise you loyalty And honor and love
You've been my rescue And you've been my ''dove''
Just when I thought The storms wouldn't end
You brought me an olive branch I saw the sun shine again
Dana, I love you With all that I am
I vow to you always To be your spouse
and your friend
God said once a man Makes ''his'' vows known
''You're the flesh of my flesh And the bone of my bone''
Honey, you chose me to stand by your side
So, today and always Dana, You are my bride.

©Kathy L Gatlin



 Breeze And Perfume

The breeze that passes
and involves your face,
the breeze that touches
and smiles in your hair
is a breeze of much love.
It helps to illuminate your beauty,
more than anything else.
I adore the enchantment of the breeze
because itís part of my life,
Itís really my joy.
The breeze that passes
and strokes you tenderly
gives me sweet feelings,
and makes me content
to be part of nature.
Because the breeze makes you more beautiful,
Iím not jealous at all.
Because the breeze brings your perfume,
I follow it close behind,
approaching you.
The reality of being happy,
It helps me to live
and helps me to feel you, my beloved.

©wanderlino arrud



Teachers and Staff

Guess there comes a time
when we all should confess
that the teachers and staff at our school
have to be the best

Iím just in kindergarten
Iím learning every day
my teacher does a lot
to help me on my way

Guess I should tell you all
Iím in first grade this year
The secretaries and the principal
I think that they are dear

Wow, am I big or what
Now that Iím in second grade
My teachers helped me all this year
now better grades Iíve made

Third grade
now that is where its at
Iím big enough to show the coach
I can really swing a bat

Fourth grade is really at the top
the books are getting tough
my teachers and the staff
help me when itís rough

Fifth grade, and you know what
Iíve only one more year to go
I thank the teachers and the staff
helping me to learn and know

Iím in sixth grade now
watch out Jr. High
The teachers and the staff
made the years seem to fly

This poem of honor would stretch way out
if we told all that we could tell
But weíd like to pay you tribute
and say that you are swell

  ©Charles W. Hill


Pot Shot

A caldron is a vessel that is surely not a pot,
It is far shapelier, and usually has no top.
Now in a shapely vessel, you can sail the seven seas,
But with a pot youíll have to stick with carrots and with peas.
You can also take a caldron, full of missionaries,
With unearthly reasoning,
And spice them up by adding extra seasoning.
The caldron sure would be my choice,
If you were to put me on the spot,
Whereas the peas and carrots in the unshapely pot would not.
As to a moral, about it I have thought a lot,
But almost all my thoughts just seem to go to pot.

©Michael Abramson



A Time for Every Season

There's a time for every season,
Sorrowing when death gives its' call,
A reality of living that eventually come to all.
But unless one dies to themselves,
It's a life never lived; a life with selfishness,
A heart that never learned to give.

The things we held on to,
We thought we couldn't live without,
Were the very lies Satan fed us
To keep us trapped in death's cloud.

© by Joyce C. Lock


Deep In His Thoughts

Sitting alone by the fire
Thoughts linger back in time,
To days of his hardship then
Now its all left behind.

Has man become lazy now
Since early days of old,
When man worked til sunset
In the depths of snow.

They worked the fields
And spread the hay,
With swat for his labour
And bills to pay..

No push of a button then
No automatic device,
You did it by your hand
There was never a choice.

He tries to remember
The good from the bad,
But things were not easy
When he was a lad..

He draws on his pipe
While poking the fire,
Missing the past.
But glad to retire.

 ©Ann Hart
Jan 18th,1993



When We Give

A smile begins a friendship,
Which lasts throughout the years,
A hand stretched out in comfort
Can ease a person's fears.

A heart that's filled with love
Will find the time to spare
Speak uplifting words
To someone in despair.

We enrich our lives by giving,
By thought, and word, or deed,
Because we have touched others
In their special hour of need.

©Marian Jones



Moonlight and Memories

I love to be in the night's moonlight,
Searching all the glittering stars,
Dreaming memories to be for me,
You'll be mine and make love all ours.

I feel a gentle breeze brush my face,
Like a special touch from a love,
Embracing me sweetly is my dream,
And love to be from God above.

Soft is the bright moonlight to dance in,
My heart so longs dreaming of him,
My love to be is a chosen one,
And I'll be his one cherished gem.

The moon glimmers a brilliance blazing,
With warm glows dancing romance through,
And I'm dreaming of me in your arms,
My heart and love reaches for you.

Moonlight and memories will be ours,
We're destined to be together,
Dancing in the moon's dreamy treasures,
We'll be in love like no other.

©Sondra McPherson
April 2, 2004
Dedicated to My Daughter




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